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Kelly Flexx  2023-03-06

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Pragmatic Play have noticeably tried their hand at their new Wild West Duels slot. Perhaps you have not played it yet, but are going to. Especially for you, I collected 10 real reviews on the thematic sites and YouTube channels. I hope you can note for yourself all the pros and cons of the slot machine.

These are real comments, so I will not hide anything. Among them there are some negative ones. Accordingly, you need to read them to understand all the features of the slot. I'll be glad if I help you with your choice!

1. Won over $300 on a commute to work!

Simaekoaaaa 06.03.23

Was satisfied with the game. Started playing Wild West Duels when I went out on the subway. On the phone slot works great, and also pays well! Spent about 20 minutes and won a week's wages.


2. Interested in Wild West Duels, decided to play - won $100 from a deposit of $10

Xenonno 02.03.23

I've been playing slots for over 5 years and have spent about $10000. In Wild West Duels decided not to risk much, so I have allocated only $10 and for nothing! I could have won even more! But even $100 is not a bad result.


3. I didn't think gambling could really pay!

Frickoaaaaa 26.02.23

I wasn't too keen on gambling before, but now I've decided to give it a try. Wild West Duels liked the graphics, so even bonus options a lot. Began to play with $ 20 and after half an hour on the balance was already $ 100. By the end of the day the winnings were about $300.


4. Seems pretty boring to me.

Elaniumay 21.02.23

Wild West Duels looks interesting, but the developers really overdid the bonuses. In addition, they cost a lot if you buy them separately. Just for fun, ran it once, spent $100, ended up winning almost nothing.


5. Unbelievable! Literally caught two bonuses in 15 minutes!

Bernel 1.03.23

I had half an hour to spare, so I decided to play Wild West Duels. I topped up my balance by $30? The slot gave me two bonuses almost in a row. The total balance was $1000 more for two bonus rounds.


6. I liked it very much! Wild West Duels - cool slot

Vinek 3.03.23

Wild West Duels immediately caught my attention. Well-known developers, my favorite western theme, and lots of bonuses. All cool, I do not know what to complain about. The game pays, but first of all, I would like to note the quality.


7. Glad there are still games like this! Won about $50!

Fabunnan 24.02.23

Everything is cool! Wild West Duels has high-quality graphics and bonus rounds with free spins. It was in one of them and won $50. I hope the rest of the players were also in the pluses and were able to enjoy all the perks of the game.


8. Thank you Pragmatic Play for such a cool slot!

Jerri 20.02.23

I decided to share my opinion. Wild West Duels is a great slot that has three bonuses at once. In them you can pretty well multiply your bet, if you are lucky, of course. Stayed in a small plus, but will continue to play.


9. Apparently, I'm very lucky! I'm $3,000 ahead.

Mkaaaaa 08.03.23

Honestly, I used to think that slots are a scam. Now the opinion is completely different! I have withdrawn more than $3000 on my own experience, although I made a deposit of $20. I decided to leave Wild West Duels for now, because I am afraid of losing.


10. I never thought that slot machines could be so interesting!

Ffrenc 06.03.23

I had experience with slot machines and almost always lost. This time Wild West Duels gave me a good deal! About $ 600 winnings from the minimum deposit. Of course, I will recommend the slot to my friends. I hope they too will be so lucky!


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